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08-12-2013, 10:30 PM
I bought an 11 pound brisket this past Saturday. It was way too big (but it was all that was available), so I decided to cut it into thirds. I cut the flat part off to cook that day, and then cut the other part in half down the middle; forming two somewhat triangular pieces. One piece ended up with most of the fat while the other was fairly lean. I put each piece in large ziplock bags, and placed in my fridge. They sat there most of Saturday and all day Sunday.

I took them out tonight to rub them in preparation for cooking them tomorrow. The learner piece looked and smelled fine. However, the fattier piece seemed to have a weird, slightly sour, odor. I know that a large cut of raw beef never smells wonderful, but this stood out. Plus, the white fat had turned slightly gray. I chucked this piece, and rubbed the other. I'm just wondering if I should even cook/eat the other half. Should I have not divided up a brisket the way I did and stored for two days in the fridge? I've only cooked one brisket before, so I'm not an expert and am not aware if it differs from other cuts in terms of shelf life. I also have a tendency to be somewhat paranoid and overly careful when it comes to food prep.

08-13-2013, 12:40 AM
As long as it looks and smells okay I personally would not be afraid to cook and eat the piece you saved if it is cooked to 165F internal. I agree with your action regarding the piece you threw away. You may also want to check your refrigeration temp to ensure that it is cooling properly.