View Full Version : red smoke... is open! and its pretty good.

03-30-2006, 01:31 PM
a while ago i posted about a place called red smoke for the long island brethren. well after some delays due to inspectors they have finally opened, and i would say that if you are in the area you should give them a try. they are located on montauk highway a little west of carmens river and east of the fire house in brookhaven. i got the pulled pork hero and the half and half ribs, all of which were just about the best restaurant q i ever had including the places that i have been to down north cackalacky way. the meat was moist and tender with properly rendered fat. ribs clung to the bone, providing the right amount of bite. pulled pork had a nice amount of bark and everything was rubbed with a balanced rub that had the right elements of sweet and savory that highlighted the flavor of the meat. the three sauces were home-made, sweet and tasted alot alike. i would have liked to see a little varation there. people were real friendly, but very buisy as it was their first day. try them out! gotta go, kids up from nap.