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08-06-2013, 07:29 PM
Went to East Memphis on business today and wound up driving to Mid-town to eat Q. The obligatory sign by the road pic.


Front of the joint pic.


Outdoor seating pic.


Top secret barbecuing equipment protected by razor-wire.


What we came for. Half wet, half dry.


Shot with a couple of sides.


And now for the review. The bark was on the dark side, but there was no bitter or charred taste.First bite in - smoke and meat finishing with a little heat. The smoke was excellent and the pork taste was good as well. As i said the taste finished with a little heat but i couldn't detect any sweet on the front end. Sides were good. Overall i would like to have seen a little meatier rib with just a little added sweetness. I'm not a candy rib fan but i do like some sweetness.