View Full Version : Coming Soon - Disposable Brine/Marinade Bags!

07-29-2013, 12:36 AM
How many of us deal with Brine/Marinade Buckets, and are sick and tired of one more thing to lug around and clean? Well, coming soon, we'll have New Brine/Marinade Bags that will only cost pennies per competition, and will fit our large and small meats. No need to deal with "ziplock" type Brine Bags that cost a fortune, and are a pain to get the air out of and seal. Our New Brine/Marinade Bags will be extremely easy to use, and will guarantee complete liquid brine coverage over any size comp meat.

PM me if you're interested, and you just might get a smokin' deal when we go live :mod:

Coming Soon......:clap: