View Full Version : Can't make it happen

Hawg Father of Seoul
07-18-2013, 03:01 PM
It is very frustrating to watch as time runs out on the waiting list for Des Moines. On Monday I was hopeful that the teams ahead of me would respond in a timely fashion and either accept or deny the entry. So much for that.

In case any one important to the process is reading this.... let me know in time to make the 6 hour drive (I need to start my fire by 6AM) and I will still be there. And that is no BS, unlike all the flowers ahead of me on the list.

Jason TQ
07-18-2013, 03:35 PM
What's going on? You are on a waiting list and there are teams ahead of you on the list who have an opportunity to take an open spot, but haven't made the decision yet?

Hawg Father of Seoul
07-18-2013, 04:03 PM
It is the Sams club. Moved up a spot after posting this. Coincidence? Thanks guys.

07-18-2013, 05:05 PM
Seems to me folks should have 24 hours...It is easy enough in this day and age of phones and computers...that is plenty of time to decide. Hope you get in!