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07-13-2013, 08:11 PM
We did the sealybration in sealy, Tx and had nothin but problems. The Motorhome hit a dip and whipped my trailer jack into the pavement and stripped the gears out, the generator keeps dying out, overheating, surging or Wtf ever it was doing, the load management system kept goin haywire anytime I would turn I the florescent lights on, the weed burner on the vault went out so I relit it and without thinking to open the cook chamber to vent it, too late. It blew out half of the charcoal basket, singed my eyebrows and I have no hair on my arms. After the Cookoff we just loaded up in the 107 degree sun and hauled ass. But the Cookoff well as far as everything else lol!
41 teams:
1st chefs choice (3 in a row)
6th beans (just can't get a 1st!)
4th chicken
4th ribs
3rd brisket
Overall grand champion.
5th grand championship this year. Love that BBQ vault!
Dethroned the team that won it 3 years in a row.
When we pulled up and started unloading, he said "awe ****, you again?" Beat him bad in a couple sanctions this year and I guess he don't like me gettin all up in his honey hole. They actually took 1st beans, 1st chicken, 1st ribs and nothining in brisket, 22>20. So a funny story, I know this guy is a really good bean and chicken cooker to start, I walked over and told him that if he would teach me how to cook some good chicken or beans, I would show him how to make a kick ass brisket. He said "naw that's Alright" and after the award ceremony he hit me up and asked if I wanted to still do my earlier offer, and guess what my answer was? :caked:
Anyways, here are some pics from the Cookoff.
My 2 beautiful briskets
Trimmed to fit the box according to how I know these will shrink up.
The ribs gettin some vitamin D
Wasn't much left over chicken, it was dayum good!
My family comes a lot to cookoffs now, they are like a bunch of hungry vultures, they help clean up and load up so I usually give Them most of the leftovers.
And the trophies

07-13-2013, 08:13 PM
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