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Hi all. Made this account last year to help a friend do some smoking and am now starting to smoke more myself. We made some excellent deer pastrami and had regular crew cookouts. I have since changed projects and usually just grill for myself now (no kids, girlfriend is a vegetarian :roll:...) so I bought an MES30 to get into smoking solo, with occasional work outings and family get togethers. I have smoked on my Weber kettle with good results for chicken thighs and even jerky but want more capacity and simpler temperature control for longer smokes- thus digital electric smoker. I was on a 4 month project in Kansas City and have not been satisfied with any brisket I have had since (no offense to Bogart's or Pappy's here in STL but I'll tell you I don't go there for the brisket...) So good brisket is my motivation, though I don't expect Oklahoma Joe's or Arthur Bryant's quality brisket on the first or second or third try out of my $200 electric smoker.

I've already learned quite a lot from the site, I really appreciate the time you all have put in to detailed reviews, recipes, methods, and styles.

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Welcome to the party!

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Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome. I smoked my first brisket on a Bradley electric on my fire escape back when I lived in an apartment and it came out great.

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Welcome, from Naples, FL!

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Welcome, come on in, take your shoes off and sit a spell.