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07-09-2013, 04:55 PM
Well back in October 2012, I decided to get some friends together to help me (bald one on the right) in my 1st bbq competition. Thankfully for me it was a local event here in Lancaster ca so it made it easy for me if I needed anything, I could just go the local store or home.
There was 18 teams total for this 1st annual event, and I was fortunate not to be dead last. I placed 13th overall with my 1st call in brisket.

My team D Blacks Smokin Q.
Brisket turn in
877 899 989 887 889 877
Pork turn in
978 888 967 978 989 889. (The 6 hurt my feelings)
Ribs turn in
897 877 878 987 987 877
Chicken turn in. Assistant cook trimmed and cooked, I'm not that good in chicken.
788 777 889 898 887 877

Comments are welcome, could use some with my next competition happening here in August in Huntington Beach.

Uncle Buds BBQ
07-09-2013, 06:08 PM
Congratulations and welcome to the addiction!

07-09-2013, 06:13 PM
Those are very nice boxes for your first time, you should be proud!

As a new CBJ these are my recommendations (appearance only - obviously):

Brisket - burnt ends look like they were just tossed in there and are not consistent in size... trim slices to be more uniform or put the larger slices towards the back... overall, looked nice and moist

Pork - nice box, possibly try to keep the bark in a row by itself and not on top of the pulled

Ribs - good uniform cuts... not feeling the 5+1+1 display (but I know some judges like that)... in the photo the ribs look light in color and the sauce really thick (could be the photo though)

Chicken - a full box is nice, but based on the size of the pieces you had, it would have been best to stick with 6... sauce appears to be too thick... try to make the pieces more uniform in size/shape

This is me being picky as I believe that is what you are looking for, but really, great job for your 1st time!!!