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07-09-2013, 01:48 PM
I wanted to reintroduce myself, and put up a pic of my new Weber Performer. I found a guy selling it on CL for $40. I figured it had to be from within the last ten years from the way he made it sound, but it turns out its from 1991. The lid is very faded on top with some rust on the bottom, but only on the outside. Inside looks great. The frame only has rust where the stainless lifts up. I ordered new lid parts, lid holder hardware, lid handle hardware, the caps that go on the frame, and some other pieces of hardware. I'd like to bring the kettle to it's original glory, but painting them doesn't seem to quite do that. So I've been on the look out for a doner Performer now. I will be either replacing the regulator and adding a 5lb tank, or converting it the new style burner and regulator. Interestingly enough my local grill store will fill quick release tanks, and even gave me a lead on buying them. Turns out the owner has an older Performer, and refuses to give it up. But I think I'll just convert it for ease of use. And that way if I move far from that store, someone else will fill it. Any tips and all suggestions on restoration are welcomed. And any links to other topics that might be helpful. Thanks in advance.


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