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Rich Parker
07-08-2013, 12:07 PM

The official rules for the 2013 event are below. Take note you must have a paid entry in to the Silver Lake Apple & BBQ Festival in order to participate in the Beak to Beak Invitational.

• Contest meat must be inspected by a GLBBQA appointed inspector before any preparation may begin onsite. You may trim before arriving but nothing else.

• Event is by invitation only; there will be no passing down of entries. You must have won the chicken category at a participating Beak to Beak Event in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, or Wisconsin April 1-August 17, 2013 or until the 2013 Silver Lake Apple & BBQ Festival is full; whichever comes first.

• If your team qualifies, the Head Cook that was registered at your qualifying event must be in attendance at the Beak to Beak Invitational. If he/she is not in attendance, your team will be disqualified.

• Qualifying teams must have a paid entry into the 2013 Silver Lake Apple & BBQ Festival in order to compete in the Beak to Beak Invitational.

• Same storage/handling rules apply that any other sanctioning body (e.g. KCBS).

• Gas is strictly prohibited and fires must be of wood, coal, or pellet.

• Turn in will be at 8:00pm, Friday September 13, 2013, at the Silver Lake Apple & BBQ Festival at a location to be announced at the cooks meeting.

• Contestants will prepare a selection of white and dark meat. The minimum amount of individual chicken pieces that the cook will be responsible for turning in will be announced no later than September 1, 2013.

• Turn in containers will be standard size half pans with numbered fitted lids to be provided at the event.

• Garnish is forbidden as is marking or puddles of the sauce.

• Judging will be done by Certified BBQ Judges with preference given to individuals that have judged more competitions regardless of sanctioning body.

• Judging will be done with the scoring system of 1 to 10

o Entries will be scored in the following categories and multiplies:

* Appearance .5
* Taste 2
* Tenderness 1

• High and low scoring judges scores will be thrown out and the remaining scores will be totaled to determine places.

• Ties to be broken using “Taste” points, if still tied then “Tenderness”, if needed “appearance,” and if a tie remains contestants will perform a public rock-paper-scissors two out of three on stage at the awards presentation.

• Prizes are winner take all with minimum $500 cash, $250 gift certificate to TheBBQSuperstore.com and several free entries into the 2014 BBQ Competitions. Prizes will be added throughout the qualifying period. See Grand Prize List for complete details.

Rich Parker
07-08-2013, 12:15 PM
Current list of eligible contestants in to the 2013 Beak to Beak Invitational

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