View Full Version : Paulie's Pig Out - Afton, VA

07-05-2013, 09:40 PM
So I'm driving down the road in beautiful VA and see this.


Obviously this warrants further investigation. We couldn't stop the first time I saw it the other day, but this morning we made a trip down the mountain we're staying on and stopped by for a little grub. We go there before he was officially open, but he sold us a rack of spares and a couple pounds of Lexington style pulled pork to reheat. He had his cookers (made from oil tanks, which seems to be a popular thang around here) going. The place smelled fantastic.




The guy was really nice and the BBQ reheated pretty dang good. I would definitely go back there and eat again. I'd love to work my way through the menu - gizzards and all. :hungry:

I thought I wasn't a fan of BBQ that came sauced, but I've had a couple experiences lately that have led me to stop prejudging stuff that comes already sauced. The sauce here was pretty well balanced, just short of being sweet. The pork was nice and tender.

The spares are served dry rubbed with sauce on the side. They were pretty tender and the flavor was good but nothing to holler about. My BIL put sauce on the ribs (I didn't) and he said it really came together when he did that - so I shoulda done that. :doh: Not my favorite ribs, but not bad - I would give them another shot.

Anyway, some pretty decent BBQ in a very beautiful setting - would love to go back. :thumb:

The Southeast is good for the soul!