View Full Version : Back Alley Blues & BBQ - Tulsa, OK

07-05-2013, 12:43 PM
I was in Tulsa on business & searched for a BBQ joint downtown. To my surprise there were at least 4 within walking distance from my hotel so I randomly picked Back Alley Blues & BBQ. It's located in the 'Blue Dome District;' a kind of funky bar/restaurant area of town. The place isn't that big, but they have a stage for occasional live music. No one was playing while I was there, but the music went back & forth between Hank Williams style cowboy country & Albert King style blues. Just awesome!
They've got a lot to choose from on the menu besides the standard ribs, brisket, & pork, but that's what I was there to try, so try it I did.

I ordered the 3 meat plate with chopped brisket, burnt ends, & dry rubbed ribs with a side of green apple slaw, & championship baked beans. Sauce is served on the side.

Burnt ends: Smaller 'cubes' than you would find in a turn in box, & very tender. Good, full smokey flavor in the meat, & a very spicy bark. Maybe just a tad too much salt for my taste buds.

Chopped brisket: Mellow smokey flavor, & tender. Rich beefy flavor.

Ribs: These aren't the sweet ribs you're going to turn in at a comp. These are just plain good ole' eatin' ribs. Really smooth smoke, & a dark crusty, yet bite through bark. Fantastic.

Championship Baked Beans: I was pleasantly surprised with these. Sweet. Lots of pulled pork mixed in with the beans. And sweet red peppers mixed in.

Green Apple Slaw: I'll usually order a side of slaw & just take a bite or two, but this was a solid side. Shredded cabbage, & green apples in a apple cider vinegar base.

If you happen to find yourself in Tulsa, OK, I highly recommend a visit.