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07-05-2013, 11:20 AM
I'm sure if I searched, I could probably find this, but I don't have the energy. I am cooking for a friend's party in a couple of weeks. Not a catering deal or anything, just a favor thing. I'm invited to the party, she want's bbq, I get to practice with free meat....win/win. She wants brisket and pulled pork, and I may do some ribs, but that's not an issue because if I do them, it will I can figure that. So say 75 people show up.....I figure 2-3 packers, but do not really know how many butts for pulled pork. What do ya think??

07-05-2013, 12:23 PM
A 14lb (raw weight) packer brisket should yield around 14-8oz servings (50% loss in cook). A 8.5 lb (raw weight) butt should yield around 8-8oz servings (50% loss in cook).

If you plan for a 50/50 ratio of pork/brisket for 75 people you would need a minimum of 3 packers and 5 butts. If you are guessing that some will substitute ribs for pork and/or brisket then you could cut back accordingly on the number of packers/butts.

[raw weight (lbs) of packer/butt]*0.5 (cook loss)*16oz/[oz serving size]
14lb*0.5=7lb, 7lb*16oz=112oz, 112oz/8oz serving size=14 servings
8.5lb*0.5=4.25lb, 4.25lb*16oz=68oz, 68oz/8oz serving size=8.5 servings

Brisket: 75 guests*0.5=37.5 servings, 37.7/14 servings per packer=2.7 packers
Pork: 75 guests*0.5=37.5 servings, 37.7/8.5 servings per packer=4.4 packers