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07-01-2013, 12:39 PM
For starters, let me just say that as the pitmaster and chef of “4 Lil’ Pigs Competition Barbecue Team”, I know what it takes to compete in barbecue contests. We usually compete in North Carolina Pork Council events (whole hog judged at the grill with pork blind box turn-in) and a few non-sanctioned contests (including all 3 turn-in boxes due at the same time), but have never competed in a KCBS event. Last weekend I cooked with Bill Moon and “Smoke-N-My-I’s Competition Team” at the Peak City Pig Fest in Apex, NC in order to complete the requirements to become a Certified Master Judge. Not only did I have a GREAT time, but I found the camaraderie of the cook teams very refreshing and encouraging. I was able to meet and put a face to several Brethren including: Uncle Buds BBQ, Pole D, and Bentley to name a few.

Bill doesn’t compete nearly as much as he used to (before the accident that totaled his truck and trailer containing all his competition equipment and stuff), but he still knows his barbecue! Even with a few grill temperature and timing problems (could have been because of all of my questions and interruptions), Bill still took 6th in chicken, 8th in Ribs, and 9th in brisket for a 8th place finish overall!

My wife wants me to get involved in cooking in KCBS, but I’m still leaning toward the judging side of the competition! However, I do see us potentially competing a couple times a year beginning sometime fairly soon.

I just wanted to publicly extend a BIG ‘THANK YOU” to all who made me feel welcome in the cook team area and a SPECIAL “THANK YOU” to Bill, Frank, and Beverly (the entire “Smoke-N-My-I’s Competition Team)!!!

“Watch Your Head!!!”

07-01-2013, 03:41 PM
I was nice meeting you, sorry I am fat and out of shape and was to tired to do much talking. East Coast Humidity is just a killer if you aint used to it!

Bill knows how to make sauce too!

07-01-2013, 04:26 PM
Bill knows how to make sauce too!

OOPS! Forgot about that one - He took 3rd place in tomato sauce this year after taking GC in sauce last year!

Thanks Bentley!