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Blazin Bakers
06-29-2013, 09:41 PM
Hey Guys - Son and I had a BBQ filled day. Hit 4 Q joints in a matter of 6 hours. Not sure if you had heard but Jamie Geer (Jambo Pits) recently opened his own place called Jambos BBQ Shack. That was our first stop and we were more than impressed. Ribs were perfect (best I've ever had), pulled pork was great, nice sausage and the brisket had a great smoke flavor with a nice bark. By the way, sweet tea was great. Menu was very well priced, great meal!!! See pics below:

Had a nice visit with Jamie and he suggested a few other local favorites while we were in the area.

Next stop was Hickory Stick BBQ, just 3 minutes down the road from Jambos BBQ Shack. Only got 2 slices of brisket and two ribs (and of course more sweet tea (not bad), a must at any decent Q joint according to my 14 year old son). Brisket was very tender and delicious; wish they wouldn't have trimmed the bark but good anyway. Ribs were very good (not up to par with Jamie’s but good in comparison to most Q joints).

Next stop (just 7 minutes later) was Longoria's, a recently named top 50 BBQ joint by Texas Monthly. Known mostly for sausage. We ordered two slices of brisket and a sausage link. The brisket was not much different than the first one I ever cooked (code for not very good). To my surprise, wasn't cut across the grain and was very tough and visually unappealing. The sausage on the other hand was incredible. Best I've had in...can't remember when. Sweet tea, not our favorite of the day.

Next stop (several hours later) was Bartley's BBQ (another top 50 joint as named by Texas Monthly) in Grapevine TX. Ordered Ribs, hot link and Brisket. Ribs a little under done for my taste and couldn't get through the silver skin. Hot link was missing the "HOT". Had nice flavor as a regular link, would have liked a little more snap to the casing. Got the last of the point on the brisket and had a lot of bark. Good flavor and tender, best thing we had. Overall good flavor and good meal. Service was very good and we had to get to-go cups of their delicious sweet tea.

Great BBQ day (probably gained 10 pounds) and got to hang with my boy.

06-29-2013, 09:45 PM
Excellent! Another brethren in the making!

06-30-2013, 11:36 AM
That's like a dream come true.
This thread is so beautiful ... :sniff:, ... I wish I could have it framed. :sniff: