View Full Version : Got the WHAMBOOM put on us!

06-14-2013, 07:55 AM
So last weekend in Columbus we got the WHAMBOOM put on us! It happens. We cooked our usual central Tx savory style BBQ since we been on a pretty good roll knowing that Cookoff likes everything sweet. We paid for it. 12th brisket, 16th chicken and 19th ribs. I tried the top 3 boxes in each category and it was all very 1 dimensional to me. Just sweet with that Kingsford flavor. Briskets all tasted like beef bouillon injected pot roast. Injection holes and all. That's 2 years in a row we got slammed at this Cookoff so I'm just gonna do what my buddy Jason said about that Cookoff, "if ya can't beat em, copy em!"
We did get 1st place cooks choice with a perfectly grilled beef tenderloin and bacon wrapped cream cheese shrimp with a orange chipotle glaze. We cooked those with kingsford on my grill. My buddy Jason made fun of me and said that's the only reason you won that because of the kingsford. :boxing:
thought my beans were bad arse also, didnt make top 10. Sometimes its chicken! sometimes its feathers! anyways here is some pron
We cooked good and were proud of our turn ins