View Full Version : Barnesville, GA BBQ & Blues Fest

03-05-2006, 10:02 PM
This just might be my first competition. Kinda wondering who else might be there? I sure hope to see a couple of Brethren.:-D

03-05-2006, 10:06 PM
Go get'um Noah.

It is a down-town venue. Small spaces for the most part. Lots of vehicle parking close by though.
You will be on hard surface so bring weights for any EZ-UPs :lol:
Nice event last year--I judged it.

Have fun.


03-05-2006, 10:55 PM
I was hoping to see you and Dave. I guess I'll have to catch up with you at another event.

03-06-2006, 06:12 AM
Hi Noah, we will be there.. Make sure you stop by and say hi..

03-22-2006, 11:12 AM
Bad news as I will not be cooking in Barnesville, as being Easter weekend kinda puts a kink in my plans. I will still try to get down there to see the contest, and hopefully meet some of you. Kevin, I missed you last year at Dillard, but I can't wait to see your new rig. I will be in Dillard, with maybe a cook in Cartersville and Birmingham, AL. Tim, I finally broke down and joined the FBA. My wife likes the idea of combining a little vacation with competing in a contest. Now I only have to decide which one.

Pork Avenue BBQ
03-22-2006, 05:24 PM
Pork Avenue BBQ will be there , my first FBA entry,although I cooked with Bill and The Dixie Chicks in Winter Haven.

03-22-2006, 06:14 PM
Walt, I hope to meet you. What other comps are you looking to cook?

Pork Avenue BBQ
03-22-2006, 07:49 PM
I had planned on the Niceville comp but not possible now. I wanted to cook Lake City but too busy at work so it will be Barnsville and then Quincy Fla and it looks like I may not be able to cook my home town event in Dothan Al because I might have to play organizer at it unless I can get people on the committee to attend some events to learn what to do to make it run smooth

Florida Farmer
03-22-2006, 10:30 PM
Hey Walt,
I plan on cooking in your event, but if there's anything that you think I might could help with just let me know. I get up to Dothan about every week or two but it ain't so far that I couldn't run up there most any time. Just let me know...glad to help.

Pork Avenue BBQ
03-23-2006, 05:36 AM
Thanks I WILL get back to you

03-26-2006, 03:24 AM
Florida Farmer.. be careful with Walt:shock: he listens too slowly, talks slow, and chuckles alot:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: but overall, a great guy :rolleyes:

Pork Avenue BBQ
03-26-2006, 06:21 PM
Well like I've said before when live your life in the South and everybody talks slow and you meet someone like Bobberqeer and he talks funny and fast You have to tell him to slow down because In the South we have learned to Listen slow too.

Florida Farmer
03-28-2006, 02:58 PM
Don't worry, I speak the language fluently....or whatever that word is. I'm a native Northwest Floridian...aka LA (lower Alabama)

04-11-2006, 11:31 AM
Who all from down state are coming?
I know Kevin (HomeBBQ) will be there.

Jimmy? Mike? FLCracker?

Looks like some great weather shaping up (at least so far) :lol:


04-15-2006, 05:06 PM
I'm being told Home BBQ took Grand, with 2 first places in category

04-15-2006, 06:04 PM
You're getting the early results then...the FBA site hasn't updated yet and they are usually quite timely. I am not at all disputing the results...Kevin is awfully tough!!

I'm looking for the final posting - but it may still be a while.

04-15-2006, 07:44 PM
I was on the phone with a participant during the calls.. so , yea i did get early results

Grand Homebbq.com
Reserve Chatham Artillery BBQ


5th Swamp Boys BBQ
4th This Butts For You
3rd Bubba’s Grill
2nd Dixie Boys
1st Chatham Artillery BBQ


5th World Porker Tour
4th Smarr Cooking Team
3rd Blue Sky
2nd Chatham Artillery BBQ
1st Homebbq.com


5th The Arsonist
4th BBQ Crew
3rd Big Pig Inc.
2nd Chatham Artillery BBQ
1st Homebbq.com


5th Pork Avenue BBQ
4th Just Fer Fun
3rd The Arsonist
2nd Firehouse Cookers
1st Kuntry Kookers

Sauce Greg’s BBQ Sauce

Kabob's Firehouse Cookers

Wings BBQ Crew

People Choice Dixie Boys

04-15-2006, 07:49 PM
All I can say is---"KEVIN CAN COOK" :lol:

Congrats to Kevin and Clara, again.


04-15-2006, 07:51 PM
yea no chit .. another mulitple first place w/e.. tough competitors he and is wife are.. he got it going on as they say..

04-15-2006, 07:58 PM
yea no chit .. another mulitple first place w/e.. tough competitors he and is wife are.. he got it going on as they say..

Kevin is awesome, for sure.
I was scheduled to cook with him at Barnesville.
Actually, was doing dishes, keeping him fed, and polishing the cabinets :lol:
But, Clara changed jobs and I got bumped by a wife--go figure :redface:
She is his best partner, for sure!


04-15-2006, 07:59 PM
congrats Kevin
Business has me covered up for now.
I hope to be back on your 6 soon.

04-15-2006, 09:04 PM
Way to go Kevin and Clara!!

04-15-2006, 09:12 PM
Congrats Kevin!

04-15-2006, 10:07 PM
Congrats, and in this heat! It really stinks that I have been working these weekends, as I would have loved to see y'all in action. I wonder who's in for Dillard?

04-16-2006, 07:26 AM
Congrats Kevin and Clara.

04-16-2006, 08:24 AM
Congrats Kevin and Clara. YOU BOTH ARE ON BBQ FIRE!!!

04-16-2006, 09:48 AM
Congrats again Kevin.

HHHhhhmmmmmmm, maybe I ought to just put that in my sig. Seem to be sayin it alot these days. Glad for ya man. You and Clara are quite the team.

04-16-2006, 05:27 PM
Thanks all, and sorry about that Tim... But she wanted to go... Man I am tired, 7 weeks in a row is tough. I'm glad we have a couple of weeks to rest before hitting the road again..