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Howdy! I've been reading various posts on several topics for months now and some of them were quite informative, so I decided to join in. I've been cooking for a long time on several smokers and grills and have always had a passion for it. My Dad and I spent countless Saturday afternoons in the backyard with a cooler of beer, good music and a brisket on the cooker. Unfortunately my dad passed away five years ago but I still love to cook and with the smell of the smoke and a few beers I get pretty nostalgic. I thought that it was interesting to learn that this forum was started by old Bandera owners. I never owned one myself but I always thought that it was a good design for a cooker and actually am having a cooker built by Lone Star Grillz in Conroe TX that is a vertical cabinet with an offset firebox only it will be constructed of 1/4" steel with a 1/2" steel firebox with a warmer/oven over the grill top. Basically it will be a Bandera on steroids!:grin: I have been cooking for the last 15 years on a New Braunfels offset which is made of thin steel and has heat leaking gaps around the lids, so I am really looking forward to getting my new pit. I've never had a "quality" pit before, so I'm really chomping at the bit to get my new baby seasoned and cooking! I actually first found this forum when I was looking for info. on the Bandera type of design and really couldn't find much of anything anywhere else. There are just very few testimonials out there on that particular design although there are hundreds if not thousands of vertical offset owners. It was the proud Bandera owners and their in-put on the modifications that they were making on their cookers that made my mind up to pull the trigger on the Lone Star Grillz cooker build. So thanks to everyone who had a hand in the Bandera discussions and I'm looking forward to many good conversations with y'all and everyone else out in "Q" land!!!

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Welcome from Central Indiana !!

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Thanks for the welcome!

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