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05-22-2013, 10:28 PM
Just started doing Q this year. Didnt have a lot of startup monies so I got an inexpensive kingsford charcoal grill. Took the rubber slam protectors off the lid and I am going to be putting an oven seal on the lid and the charcoal access door to try and keep the smoke rolling where i want it too. I have been looking for a WSM and intend on having that one of me next purchases so that I can go low and slow, especially since the wife gave a resounding NO to a UDS.

As of right now I have been able to get some of my ribs to come out awesome even without a good seal. There never seem to be leftovers when i make them. When i can figure out how to get a pic on here i will do so.

Smokin J's
05-22-2013, 11:00 PM
Welcome Jowsey (from another Newbie)n

Mark Warren
05-23-2013, 03:25 AM
Welcome and for sure stay on the good side of what the wife wants. She may come to enjoy grilling and smoking as much as you when you start bringing in some incredible meals.

05-23-2013, 04:28 AM
When i can figure out how to get a pic on here i will do so.

Welcome from The Heart Of Acadiana. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acadiana)

bbqjoe wrote these instructions and it's how I post my pics.

First go to www.photobucket.com And register for a free album or whatever they call it.
After you have registered and logged on, you will see a box that says upload photos.
Click the browse button, and go to where the picture is stored on your computer.
You can select however many photos you want to upload. Once you have selected them press the upload button, and shortly they will appear in your "Album".

Now go to the photo you want to put on the site. You will see three boxes(edit: six boxes now) under the photo.
Left click in the first box marked Direct URL. The box will turn blue and the URL will automatically be copied

Either go to your post or start a new thread. At the top of the message box where you type your thread you will see a button that kind of looks like a picture of mountains.
Click on that. A new box will open. Clear the http thingy, and now press control "V"
The URL should now be loaded in the box. Click ok and the picture will load into your message.


If you haven't checked out the FAQ section (http://www.bbq-brethren.com/forum/faq.php) you should it has lots of helpful info.

05-23-2013, 05:42 AM
Great to see another Vermonter on here. Looks like you are well on your way to some great grub.

Big George's BBQ
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Welcome, come on in, take your shoes off and sit a spell.

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Welcome Brother

05-24-2013, 10:08 AM
Glad you joined us Joswey, welcome!

05-24-2013, 06:01 PM
Welcome, from Naples, FL!