View Full Version : custom trailered pit for sale, 24x48, insulated firebox - Houston

05-15-2013, 10:15 AM
I had this pit built last year and it's been good to me. I'm on a competition hiatus for the next year or two and have decided to sell this.

Pit was built by Lone Star Grillz in Conroe. 1/4" steel on the cooking chamber and firebox. 24" diameter, 48" long with two doors. Each door has new TelTru glow-in-the-dark gauges installed. Framed sliding racks (two per door). Adjustable tuning plates. Ball valve at chimney end of pit. Firebox is two layers of 1/4" plate with 2" of ceramic insulation sandwiched between. Firebox has gas assist and a bbq guru adapter welded in (from the inside of the box). Box has removable log rack and charcoal box. Back side of the pit has wood storage box of expanded metal and a low pressure LP burner. Pit has a rack for two LP tanks. 2" bulldog coupler. Pit is completely wired and has tags that expire this month (it is not titled but is registered in Harris County).

Pit itself is high temp black. Trailer is fire engine red automotive paint. Wheels have been powder coated black. The rear of the right side fender is slightly bent from being backed into a wall.

This pit is in very good condition and is a solid cooker (its ability greatly exceeds the skill of its current owner). It's very efficient and holds temps like a champ. My asking is $4500 which is quite a bit less than it cost to build it.

If interested, send an email to jsba_1@yahoo.com. Thanks for looking.