View Full Version : overload of rib questions

05-06-2013, 09:40 PM
ok,I'm new at this comp,started last year,won a 2nd place trophy in ribs a couple weeks ago,I was happy. now going to a bigger comp near memphis (marion,ark). A mbn event. I usually cook spares,but some thats been to espernanza bonanza cook babybacks. I've cooked very few bb. Will I get judged differently if most have bb and me spares.also I cooked two yesterday,good but not great. one 2lbs,one 3lbs. that big thick peice at end ,do you trim it down even? mine had a thin layer of fat not rendered out good and not pretty enough. cooked at 250 thinking should be hotter. entered the backyard butts and ribs but will have my new high quality very nice looking brethren banner and want to do the brethren proud. my flavor was good , sweet with a little heat in the sauce at the end, but just would not have been winners.any advice I can get will help.

Pappy Q
05-07-2013, 05:55 AM
I remove the thick flap of meat on the end as well as the fat under it. From my understanding if it's a MBN event, you are better off using BB. I would suggest 275 for 2hrs unwrapped then 2hrs wrapped.