View Full Version : Co-packer for sauce...small runner

05-06-2013, 03:32 PM
Anyone have a co-packer for sauce that allows small batch runs? A buddy of mine is looking to market his sauce and give profits to charity. Thanks.

05-06-2013, 03:54 PM
Uncle Bob's Spices in Missouri

05-06-2013, 04:12 PM
Mama Vita in Md we use them.

82's BBQ
05-06-2013, 04:27 PM
Dorina So-Good in Union IL does ours

05-06-2013, 04:42 PM
What's the typical first time cost on a small run (from any of these places)?

5-0 BBQ
05-06-2013, 07:35 PM
Mama Vita in Md we use them.
I do not recommend them for smaller batches. I used them for a few years but they became very expensive and their batch minimums went up.

I use John Henry in Houston TX now. He is great to work with and is now doing 40 gallon batches for me instead of 200 gallons that Mama Vida wanted. Even with shiping from Houston to Baltimore his price is around the same as Mama Vida charged me without freight. Here is his info: http://www.johnhenrysfoodproducts.com/

82's BBQ
05-06-2013, 08:06 PM
For labels, nutritional info and product $1600 would be a decent ballpark. That's assuming you already have a logo.

05-06-2013, 09:15 PM
Dorina So-Good in Union IL does ours
does mine as well..minimum run is 125 gallons. Thats a small minimum compared to most co-packers