View Full Version : Calling all Missouri and Kansas BBQ Teams

04-29-2013, 03:13 PM
Missouri and Kansas Teams -

We are starting a MO and KS BBQ Association to track Team of the Year called the MOKAN BBQ Border Battle.

The cost is $25.00 and goes to the Team of The Year awards/prizes and to building the MOKAN BBQ

BORDER BATTLE! Results for ToY will be on the MOKANBBQBattle.com website.

*Head Cook of the Team must be a resident of Missouri or Kansas.
*You must register for the Battle to be eligible for the MOKAN Team of the Year in 2013 by July 1, 2013. Register at www.MOKANBBQBattle.com and pay your $25 fee. We will also be working on an end of the year Battle (Invitational Contest where the top teams from both states will battle to see who is the Champion and which state will have bragging rights for the next year).
All KCBS and St Louis BBQ Society sanctioned contests that have all 4 meat categories in Missouri and Kansas will count for the ToY results. All results for ToY will retro back to the beginning of 2013. See website for scoring information and more….

We currently have 36 or 37 teams signed up (it can take a week for your results to update and show up on the results page).