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04-23-2013, 10:37 AM
Those Vikings have all the ca$h - $30k contest in June!

Any Brethren making the trip to Welch, MN for this Father's Day weekend contest? This will be our first Sat/Sun contest and our furthest north.

I reserved our room this morning and she told me they are nearly booked.

Should we bring a spare trailer full of Deet? Minnesota, on the banks of the Mississippi in June... hmmmm :crazy:

04-23-2013, 10:45 AM
45 minutes from home, We'll be there. Dont worry about the Deet, but if ya wanna do any fishing, bring your ice fishing gear. Theres still 2 feet of ice on lakes up north.
This is gonna be a fun one. Treasure Island is a great Casino. Contest organizer puts on a great contest. Lots of extra categories besides the 4 meats.

04-23-2013, 06:18 PM
Fark, its father's day? Damn, I was giving it serious looksy

04-23-2013, 06:32 PM
Fark, its father's day? Damn, I was giving it serious looksy

On fathers day you get to do whatever you want!

04-23-2013, 07:32 PM
Oh, I didn't say if slammed the door. Might have to bring the girls and cramp my gambling style...:shock:

04-23-2013, 10:11 PM
We will be there! Already signed up! Looking forward to cooking with some big competition for this one. With the money up for grabs it's sure to attract some big names!

Eggspert BBQ

04-26-2013, 10:50 PM
Got my registration sent in the other day. :becky:
Team Big Butz will be there. :thumb: