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04-16-2013, 07:52 PM
Sorry for the late post but here are the results from the 2013 Frostbuster this past weekend. Thank you to all the teams and judges that came to help out and thank you to all those brethren that stepped up to donate some products for the gift bags. It was amazing!:clap2:

We had 12 teams signed up but 3 backed out at the last minute.:cry:


1- Oversize Hogs - 174.2856
2- Hooligans - 170.2856
3- Part Time Smokers - 169.1428
4- Smokehouse 72 - 168.5714
5- Slim D's - 167.4284
6- Drooling Pig Pit Crew - 165.1430
7- Smokin Bonz - 165.1430
8- Roo-B Q'n - 163.9998
9- Downhome Cookin' - 154.8570
10- Smokin' Grumps - 151.9996


1-Part Time Smokers - 177.1430
2-Oversize Hogs - 172.5714
3-Hooligans - 166.8572
4-Downhome Cookin' - 166.2858
5-Smokin' Bonz - 165.1430
6-Slim D's - 162.8572
7-Drooling Pig Pit Crew - 162.2858
8-Roo-B Q'n - 157.7148
9-Smokin' Grumps - 146.8572


1-Oversize Hogs - 180
2-Part Time Smokers - 176.5714
3-Hooligans - 175.4286
4-Downhome Cookin' - 169.7142
5-Slim D's - 168.000
6-Roo-B Q'n - 167.4284
7-Smokin Bonz - 164.0000
8-Drooling Pig Pit Crew - 162.2858
9-Smokin' Grumps - 149.1428


1-Oversize Hogs - 177.1430
2-Part Time Smokers - 173.1428
3-Downhome Cookin - 168.0000
4-Smokin' Bonz - 165.7146
5-Roo-B Q'n - 165.7144
6-Smokin' Grumps - 160.5712
7-Hooligans - 158.2854
8-Slim D's - 157.7144
9-Drooling Pig Pit Crew - 125.1428


1-Oversize Hogs - 704
2-Part Time Smokers - 696
3-Hooligans - 670-8568
4-Smokin Bonz - 660.0006
5-Downhome Cookin' - 658.8570
6-Slim D's - 656.0000
7-Roo-B Q'n - 654.8574
8-Drooling Pig Pit Crew - 614.8574
9-Smokin' Grumps - 608.5708

And a special thanks to all our donators and sponsor for this year. Thank you all!

Smokehouse 72 BBQ Team (http://www.smokehouse72bbq.com/)
Wringgen Consulting
Strawberry Patch Apparel (http://www.facebook.com/StrawberryPatchAnkeny)
Smokin' Bonz BBQ (http://www.smokinbonz57.com/)
Simply Marvelous Rubs (http://simplymarvelousbbq.com/)
Oakridge BBQ Rubs and Marinades (http://www.oakridgebbq.com/)
Todd's Dirt Seasonings (http://www.toddsdirt.com/)
"Ben Jack Larado" Gourmet Seasoning (http://benjacklarado.com/)
Big Ron's Rub (http://www.bigronswebsite.com/)
Russ and Franks BBQ Sauce (http://www.russandfranks.com/)
Milam Concrete and Construction
Roastin' Ronnie's Coffee
Iowa BBQ Society
Hawgeye's BBQ (http://www.hawgeyesbbq.com/)
Big Butz BBQ Sauce (http://bigbutzbbqsauce.net/)
Easy Camping RV (http://www.easycampingrv.com/)
Colo Telephone Company
Crossroads Tavern
Slim D's BBQ Sauce

Fat Freddy
04-16-2013, 08:49 PM
Was a great contest and I had a blast. I plan on doing this contest as much as I can, though I will try not to argue with Shannon so much:rolleyes:, Guess that is what happens when two teams combine with different ideas. OVERSIZE load and Iowa wild HOGS(OVERSIZE HOGS).

Funny side note,my teamamte :roll: decided to use my chicken rub on something else. So in a hurry I/we had to figure out something in a pinch, looked in our goodie bag and there is Oakridge Secret Weapon and Simply Marvelous Season All. Chicken rub solved. And to top it off we get first place in chicken!!!

I made some new friends and told a lot of lies to my older friends. Was a great time.

I would also like to congratulate my teammate Shannon on his 180 in pork, though I truly think I deserve some credit for not dropping the box when I turned it in.

Fat Freddy
04-16-2013, 09:28 PM
I should add an additional thanks to Ryan and Joe and the Corn fed Cookin class, gave us a few ideas and techniques to try and while we didnt follow everything precisely we had some good guidelines to follow.

04-17-2013, 08:13 AM
As usual a well run and enjoyable experience for all involved!
Thought I visited with everyone but must have missed the oversized crew, oh well I'll find you out on the road this summer (if we ever have a summer).