View Full Version : New Offer for Golden-Dog. for sales partner only

04-05-2013, 10:32 PM
There have been enough reviews to support Golden-DOG here.
Golden-DOG also receives many positive feedbacks on eBay.
Now I can proudly claim that Golden-DOG is better than Auber technically.
Retail price of Golden-DOG is $99.
One post says that Auber has promotional price of $140(eBay price $189.86 plus shipping $13).
I think IQ110 or Nano is one or two generations behind and I simply ignore them.

Obviously I am bad salesman. I need partners to work togerther.
My offer is
1.I send to sales partners 10 sets of Golden-Dog in advance
2.suggest retail price $99
3.the partner pays me $58 after each success sale
4.When partners get familiar with market, we can together register a new brand name in States, change to a new casing/housing, new design of plug/socket. Retail price will be same as Auber. and I will quit direct selling Golden-DOG by my self.

But the headache is whom I shall select as my partners.
I prefer strong business background/experience and great sales plan.
What is your suggestion

04-09-2013, 06:34 AM

This is DiqiQ on eBay price $274, free shipping, 105 pieces were sold

My Golden-Wolf is same as DigiQ. Differences are
1.WOLF outlet is PID variable voltage, in turn variable speed of fan. DigiQ outlet is SSR, simply on/off.
2.DigiQ has 10 CFM fan.
WOLF has a 50 CFM fan, but can programed as 5,10,15,20,30,40,50 CFM depanding on size of smoker
3.WOLF has 2 probes,one for pit, the other for meat. The meat probe also takes part in controlling.
DigiQ meat probe is just for monitoring, not for controlling

I need a sales partner on eBay.
Retail price of Golden-WOLF, 2 probes, 50CFM fan, Fan adapte B for Kamado, AC/DC adapter 12 Vdc 5 amps $168.free mail.
If you sell one piece successfully, I will send directly from China.
Shipping time is around 10 days for American,Australia and UK.
After each success sale, you pay me $118 via Paypal.
Regarding service, if any failure, the buyer simply returns bad parts to you and I send new parts from China
When you get familiar with WOLF and realize its function, quality, market potential, you can buy it in quantity and sell on your own name and brand, by then I will quit direct selling by myself.

Qualification of this eBay sales partner:
Power seller on eBay