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03-21-2013, 08:05 AM
Is anyone cooking on the new insulated smoker from jacks old south. I'm thanking about getting one of the 36in models. Looking for some info on how well they cook

03-21-2013, 08:39 AM
I have an older JOS... I love it. But it's really too big for what I do. I thought about ordering one. That camo one is sure sweet looking and if the new ones are built like the old ones they are tanks!

03-21-2013, 09:42 AM
Yea I like that one to. They had some to look at at the last couple comps I did. And they r built very and look great.

03-21-2013, 10:14 AM
I'm going down to Myron's in the morning so I'll give you a first hand report on Sunday.

03-21-2013, 01:38 PM
That will be awesome. Thanks

Theresa B
03-21-2013, 05:23 PM
Mike-just for a visit?

03-21-2013, 07:14 PM
I can tell you from first hand experience that the models being produced are of the highest quality and workmanship. They are in my opinion a cut above Backwoods and Stumps.

03-21-2013, 07:51 PM
I had a stump. And I agree the workmanship is just as good if not better. Just wanting to know how it holds temp. And how much fuel it takes.