View Full Version : Braves' Spring Training--one more year!

03-16-2013, 06:54 PM
Headed out in the AM for another of our annual trips to DW for the Braves' Spring training.
Son is coming home from Afghanistan for a bit of R&R and will be there with his wife and 2 of our GrandKiddos.
Other relatives in and out.

Staying at Old Key West in my personal room :wink:
Plan to eat a lot at Olivia's as always. :grin:

Having dinner tomorrow night with Russ.

Y'all have a great time.


03-24-2013, 05:55 PM
Sure that nobody really cares, but we are back home.
Three fantastic Braves games--lots of good hitting and some really crappy defense and pitching by everyone.
Good games though!

BIG DISAPPOINTMENT was Olivia's! :evil:
We have been a big fan for several years.

But, the Chef moved on and was apparently replaced by a "Cook" :evil:
I had the scallops-- the same as last year. They were overcooked (rubbery) and the polenta was really thick. Not a big deal at the moment.
The next night, Mrs Kapn had the burger and I had French Dip from the bottom of the menu.
Her burger was cooked "OK", but the lettuce was wilted and the onions and tomato looked like they were cut with a chain saw!
My french dip had beef that was obviously re-heated in a microwave or something similar. The edges were actually burned/dry/overcooked/brittle.
The cook/chef offered to replace it, but I was turned off by then.
To top it off--the fries were clearly "fast food" bagged fries off the back of a Sysco truck--not prepped on site.
We paid $30 (with no drinks) for 2 sandwiches and "McDonald"s" fries that we could have bought anywhere for $15 or so! :evil:

I had a "heart to heart" with the resort manager.
Only time will tell if he takes it seriously.
I doubt it, because the tourists will not question the quality, even at the stupid prices!
By compassion, we had breakfast the AM and i paid $7 at the "walk-up"window" for the same meal that would have fost $12 "inside"!

The third night, we went to "Boatwrights" at Port Orleans.
Mrs Kapn had 3 courses, all of which were superb!! She was hungry!
I had the Mahi Mahi with fried grits a a sauted green tomato base.
Balanced flavors and textures and obviously created by a talented chef!
I had no problem paying premium prices for premium food prepared by a talented chef!

We are going back in late May with our grandson from NM.
Gonna give Olivia's one more chance.
But, I am not gonna pay premium (chef) prices for fast food food!



03-24-2013, 06:01 PM
Sounds like cost cutting, that is a sure sign of bad management.

03-24-2013, 06:10 PM
Sorry to hear you didn't get what you paid for. Most people dragging the kids to see the mouse are satisfied with "fast food" fries, and would probably freak out if they actually spent a few days in the real Key West.

It's just like Nawlins or Vegas, or any tourist town. There is good food there, but there's also a lot of mediocre food that tourists will pay to eat.