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03-07-2013, 03:04 PM
This years Chili Cook Off part of the 81 Thunder Run is jam packed! We have expanded the field to 28 teams this year. The date is Sunday, April 21st. The field is now CLOSED to new entries!
Please be sure to go on to our web site www.HAMCLI.com (http://www.HAMCLI.com) and refresh yourself with the rules of the competition. We will be providing you with a 10x10 spot and you will have to create chili from that spot.
As in every year of this competition the Blue Point Brewery will be sponsoring this event and a liquor company yet to be named will be on board.
The rock~a~billie sound of Long island's own "The Buzzards" will be keeping the groove going.

2013 Chili Teams

HELLS ANGELS MC - Rhode Island - Smoke'in Mirrors Chili Team

Mixed Blood Line MC - Returning 2009 Chili Champs

Bridge Runners MC - Returning 2008 Chili Champs

Trashed MC - Returning 2008 Peoples Choice & Peoples Choice 2012

The Hot Dawg Truck Team BBQ - Returning 2010 Peoples Choice

Demon Knights MC - East - Demon Knives Bar- B-Crew

Queensboro MC - Returning 2009 & 2011 Peoples Choice

Sacred Steel MC - Returning 2010 Chili Champs

Guardians of the Children

Leather Necks MC

Sovereign Brotherhood MC


Ryders Don't Play MC

Christian Motorcycle Association

Road Reapers MC

Mutt & Geoff Chili Champs

5 Foot Posse'

Chosen Souls MC

Team Renu

Iron Heads MC

Sparrow Tattoo Chili Team Returning 2011 Chili Champs

U. S. Veterans MC

Demon Knights MC - West

Restless Spirits MC - Chili Hogs

BBQ Brethren - Babylon Grill Billies Returning 2012 Chili Champs

BBQ Brethren - TnT Dynamite BBQ Team

Pit Posse

Scuba Steve's BBQ/Chili Team

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Bummer, just saw it

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Bump, just got this from the organizer...

Greetings Chili Teams, Sponsors, Vendors & Chili Judges
April 1st has pasted and all entries have been locked in. We are just 2 weeksends away!!! As you already know, Sunday April 21, 2013 The HELLS ANGELS Motorcycle Club of Long Island, NY will be hosting there 15th Annual 81 Thunder Run & 6th Annual Chili Cook Off. There will be 28 teams competing for the title "Best Chili on Long Island". The Babylon Grill Billies will be returning to defend there title from last year in grand chili style! Along with The BBQ Brethren Teams who have dominated the competition in prior years. Trashed MC will be returning to defend their peoples choice award and the Trashed MC hold the gas tank trophy for best finish amongst the clubs. Trophy to be returned to the stage for this years winner!!!
The HELLS ANGELS MC - Long Island, NY would like to thank you all for being involved again and making this one of Long Island's great events to kick off the riding season. Blue Point Brewery has been with us as a sponsor from the beginning and they are back on board again. Each team will receive six packs of Blue Point Beer and they will be giving their traditional gallon jugs out to the winners. We have a new sponsor this year, Opici Family Distributors - (Wine & Spirits Distributors here in NY) who will be donating gift basket prizes to all of the top 3 winners in each category. We welcome Opici!!!
The Rock~a~Billie sounds of the Buzzards will be groove'in throughout the day.
The Mixed Blood Line MC will be opening up their club house the Saturday before the event for any of the teams that would like to come down and set up there camp early and join us for the pre-party. There will be security there all night long so your camp will be safe! Any clubs that have prospects available send them to Mix Blood Line MC Club House Saturday afternoon at 1pm to help with clean up and set up and security throughout the night. We will also be having a friendly Texas Hold'em Tournament there Saturday night! All you poker players come on down. Game kicks off at 8pm!
Please re-read the rules of the competition just to refresh your team so you are not disqualified!!! The cooks meeting & meat inspection is at 8am Sunday. You must have a member of your team present for both. As we do every year, if all the teams are there early and ready to go we will get the meeting done and fire the grills early BUT only if all teams are present & ready to go. Otherwise grills fire at 9am.
To all chili judges, please be in the judging area by 1:30pm so we don't have to go looking for you. Please refrain from getting intoxicated until after the judging is over with!
To all vendors & the band, please be in and unloaded by 11am. The run will be pulling in around noon and we do not want any vehicles in the lot.
Please pass this info on to the rest of your Club or Chili Team.
The Motorcycle Run leaves the HELLS ANGELS Long Island club house in Hempstead at 11:30am Sharp!!! Gates open at 10am.
We look forward to seeing you all and having a good time with you!!!
No free man shall ever be debarred
the use of arms.
Thomas Jefferson

P.S - Williepalooza BBQ Competition is this weekend April 6th - 7th at the Brentwood V.F.W. hall. Head down there and check out some of Long Island's Best BBQ Teams. There is a chili cook off that Saturday and a BBQ competition on Sunday. This competition is a state championship!

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Hey if your not doing anything stop by and say hello!!

04-22-2013, 12:03 PM
Can someone post the result? Please...ty

04-23-2013, 11:53 AM
2013 Chili Cook Off Results
1 Mixed Blood Line MC - 207
2 Hot Dawg Truck Team BBQ - 196
3 Sparrow Tattoo - 195
4 Christian Motorcycle Assos - 193
5 Mutt & Geoff Chili Champs - 191
6 Leather Necks MC - 187 tie
6 Restless Spirits MC - 187 tie
8 TnT Dynamite BBQ Team - 186
9 Babylon Grill Billies - 184
10 Queensboro MC - 183
11 I Dont Know MC - 181
12 Bridge Runners MC - 179
13 Guardians of the Children - 175
14 Sacred Steel MC - 172
15 Pit Posse' - 164
16 Team Renu - 152
17 Trashed MC - 151 tie
17 5 foot Posse' - 151 tie
19 Road Reapers MC - 149
20 Ryders Don't Play MC - 147
21 Demon Knights MC east - 143
22 Demon Knights MC west - 141 tie
22 Sovereign Brotherhood MC - 141 tie
24 Scuba Steve's BBQ/Chili Team - 139
25 WESTEX BBQ - 126
26 Chosen Souls MC - 106 tie
26 Iron Heads MC - 106 tie