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01-27-2006, 05:38 AM
Old South BBQ on Windy Hill Road, two blocks east of South Cobb Drive. There menu blurb said they are one of 3 of the oldest continuous operating
BBQ joints in the area, established in 1968. Now run the the kids. It's a neat old house converted into a reaturant. Friendly staff, I think it's a lot of family, kept the drinks filled, nice and clean.

I tried the combo plate, ribs, brisket, chicken and pork. All were good. you could see a nice smoke ring on the brisket, but I think mine is deeper :) Brisket could have been more tender. Everything but the chicken was a little dry. The sauce is nice, nothing extraordinary, moderately spicey. Ribs had a nice flavor, good crust, a little dry on the thin edges, but I like those crispy chewy pieces too. I got the pork sliced, so I got some more of those burnt edges. All in all I enjoyed the meats, but as has been said here before, you can do it better at home :) I was hungry for BBQ, so it was all good.

The sides available were fried okra, hush puppies, beans, brunswick stew, and a couple of others I think. I has the okra and beans. both very good.

I'd go back, however, with the list of other places to try from the Sonny's Real BBQ pit thread, I think I'd try some of the others.

01-27-2006, 09:59 AM
Now that is a road trip, WI to Atlanta.

01-30-2006, 10:22 PM
How was the wedding? I hope you had a good time down here, and I hate that I was not able to have any free time.

As far as Old South BBQ, we will have lunch there occasionally, but the fare is different from day to day. However, I would rate them a little higher than the chains. As far as Sonny's, Famous Daves, Smokey Bones, etc., these places are kind of like Waffle House, the food is always the same. It will fill you up, but its nothing to write home about. Because of this, I try to hit the smaller bbq joints.

As far as Marietta is concerned, Williamson Bros. is the most famous BBQ restaurant in town. I'm not a big fan of their sauce as it is very vinegary (my trade partners have not had anything to say about their sauce either), but I do like their chicken and brisket. They are doing a booming business with both the restaurant and caterering, but I really prefer the intimate feel of the small joints.

Next time you are down, I'll try to get you to a little joint in Chambodia (Chamblee), that I believe is the best in town. However, I don't believe there is a place in Atlanta that makes Q as good as what we do in our own homes. Maybe if you're lucky, we can arrange a cook together. I am always looking to meet fellow brethren!

P.S. Nice review! I would like to hear what you think of some other places.