View Full Version : 2013 Oakridge BBQ Sponsorship Team Revealed!!

02-14-2013, 04:28 PM
The 2013 Oakridge BBQ Sponsorship Team has been set!

The response was HUGE for this year's open application period. I can honestly say every team who applied was more than qualified. This made the selection process very difficult and competitive. I really wish I could have accepted everyone, but in the end we had to draw the line somewhere. As it were, we still ended up adding quite a few more teams than I had originally intended. We greatly appreciate everyone who applied and wish you all good luck for the 2013 season.

So, without further a-do, the full roster is below.

Please join me in welcoming all of our new teams (denoted with an *)!

3 Woodys BBQ
B&C Smokers
Babyback BBQ
Bare Bones BBQ
BBQ Beer Buddies
BigFish BBQ*
Canadian Bakin'*
Can't Quit Smokin'
Clark Crew BBQ*
DegŁello BBQ*
Disco Pigs
Flame Master G's BBQ
Forrest Fine Foods*
Four Crows BBQ*
Freeman Brothers BBQ
Fumacious Q*
Head's Red BBQ*
High on the Hawg
Hogs Gone Wild*
Holla N' Swalla BBQ
Honeybadger BBQ
Knock UR Sox Off BBQ
Kudzu Q
Lang Smokers*
Left Hand Smoke*
Loot n' Booty*
Mac's BBQ
Meat, Inc
OSP Meatheads
Papa Charlie's BBQ
Pigheaded BBQ
Route 66 Catering Crew
Rubbed, Smoked & Sauced BBQ
Smo Que
Smoke Me Tender
Smoked to the Bone*
Smokin' 101 BBQ
Smokin' Bad Habit BBQ
Smokin Blue Q*
Smokin' J's Florida*
Smokin' T's BBQ*
Son Seekers BBQ*
Sothern Style BBQ
Sticks N Chicks BBQ
Superior Smokers*
T & J's Smoke & BBQ
Unknown BBQ
Waylon's Wickedly Good Q*
West Texas Pitmasters*
Whiskey Ranch*
Wooley Bully "BBQ Mafia"
plus one other team I'm still waiting on confirmation.

I've got the feeling that 2013 could be a banner year for Team Oakridge! :becky: