View Full Version : MBN Grand Champion to get Sauce Deal

02-04-2013, 04:54 PM
The Battle of the BoroQue is proud to announce the MBN Grand Champion will get a sauce bottling deal with Braswell's of the Statesboro. The sauce will be distributed to Harvey's supermarkets across the Southeast. The team will walk away with approx. 600 bottles to sell themselves after Harveys gets theirs. The team will also get production assistance from Braswells including graphic design help with making a label.

The package is worth almost $6000 retail. A great chance to not only get your sauce bottled, an inside connection with one of the nation's top private label bottlers, but also on the shelves of a supermarket that caters to the Southeast.

We only have a few spots left available.

You can register here.


You dont want to miss this dual sanctioned contest!!!