View Full Version : Free Contest Entry - Make Offer

02-04-2013, 11:09 AM
For Winnipeg, Ontario, Canada on 8/16 and 8/17....

Uncle Buds BBQ
02-04-2013, 11:24 AM
Will ya take 2 Loonies? :-D

02-04-2013, 11:25 AM
You may want to check with DivaQ. That's her neck of the woods.

02-04-2013, 12:36 PM
I did. She's not available that weekend.

Prairie Smoke
02-04-2013, 05:59 PM
It's Winnipeg, Manitoba. Not Ontario.

It's straight North of Fargo, ND. And it's a great event too.

02-04-2013, 06:49 PM
Any problems with what you can bring across the border......meat,garnish,etc....?

Prairie Smoke
02-05-2013, 10:17 AM
Meat... Not an issue... There's a weight limit on meat (per person) but if there is 2 people traveling you're ok with the usual comp meats, ie 2 briskets, butts, etc.

Wood can be more of an issue but usually the organizer or other teams can help.

02-05-2013, 10:20 AM
For Winnipeg, MANITOBA, Canada on 8/16 and 8/17....

Sorry for being a moron and not reading the certificate. Yep, it says MANITOBA.:icon_blush:

02-05-2013, 01:50 PM
since its free, I offer nothing:razz:

02-05-2013, 02:14 PM
I was hoping for a little bit more...........

02-05-2013, 02:36 PM
I was hoping for a little bit more...........

since its free, I offer nothing:razz:

I will double his offer of nothing.

What is the entry worth (if you had to pay for it)?

02-05-2013, 02:44 PM
I'll give you, my two cents.
Very valuable as the Canadian penny is now extinct.

Might also want to try posting on the Prairie BBQ Forum.