View Full Version : ATL restaurant help - Buckhead or Midtown

Professor Salt
01-29-2013, 08:01 PM
Hey Atlanta brethren,

I'm helping to plan a work event in Atlanta for about 50 people, and can use some help in finding some restaurants

We'll be there with this group for three days, from a Monday through Wednesday, in the first week of March. Hotel options aren't finalized yet, but it's either in Buckhead or Midtown areas. Ideally, we want places the group can walk to from the hotel, which remains TBD for another week.

In terms of food - BBQ would be great, but we don't want to do BBQ three days in a row. As long as it's delicious, it can be whatever cuisine. Price range is pretty broad - a memorable hole in the wall caterer would be ok, but so would high-end dining.

Does anyone do great Southern food, but more in the fine dining vein?

Monday - They'll be a sales presentation after dinner with a projector & AV gear. We might either rent a meeting space and have it catered, OR we can rent out the entire restaurant for the presentation . Either scenario is under consideration.

Tuesday & Wednesday - No sales meeting on these nights, but we'd still like to find a restaurant big enough to accommodate 50 people.

I've searched and found you guys recommended Fox Brothers and Fatt Matt's for BBQ. What other options for Q are there?

Militant Squatter recommended Varasano's, and the photos of the pizza on their website looks pretty great. Are they big enough to fit 50?

Eats on Ponce de Leon might fit the bill food-wise, but it looks tiny. Is that right?