View Full Version : Adventures with the HD, and NSF Cookers

Smoke House Moe
01-28-2013, 06:50 PM
Well, thanks to many of for all the support, questions answered, and ideas challenged.

In all scenarios below, I would be prepping all sides at the kitchen, and cooking the meats on-site.
It may also help if I clarify that Minneapolis is within Hennepin county, but they are under their own jurisdiction regarding HD stuff. Very similar to Hennepin county, but different.
I have found out, in Minneapolis, I will need an NSF smoker to cook at parties, private or public. Minneapolis is where my kitchen will be licensed.
If I cook for a party outside of Minneapolis, but still in Hennepin county, Hennepin county HD could care less about NSF as long as it's a private party.
So here is what I need to figure out:
1. Bite the bullet, and pay for the NSF trailer cooker now - more expensive, but legal no matter where I cook.
2. Buy a good trailer smoker (non-NSF) - cheaper now, but can't cook in Minneapolis.

Note: The majority of my clients come from the surrounding suburbs of Minneapolis.

So I just wanted to hear some thoughts from the Veteran caterers.

Also, who has the best NSF trailer smoker? Would love an Ole Hickory, but not so mobile. I was looking at the Southern Pride 300 mobile. Anyone have the 300?

01-28-2013, 08:29 PM
I would bite the bullet and get the approved trailer. My reasoning is you don't want to turn down a potential client because your rig is not HD approved. This may lead them to question your business as a whole. Even in ares it is not required, having HD approved equipment will set the customers mind at ease a little more I think. When I go rattling off the list of lawn equipment companies I am a "Factory Authorized Service Center" for it impresses the customer. doesn't mean I am a better mechanic because of it, but in their mind it makes me more professional and qualified.

Triple T BBQ
02-03-2013, 11:58 PM

My upright cabinet smoker may be for sale in march. It's NSF rated and will pass HD in MN just fine. Waiting to see if my buddy sells me his Southern Pride from KS.