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Butcher BBQ
01-27-2013, 12:02 PM
Just wanted to let everyone know I have up loaded a couple videos to my You Tube channel on injecting and mixing the injections. Please go and check them out and let me know what you think of them.
How to mix Brisket Injection with Butcher BBQ - YouTube
How to inject a Brisket with Butcher BBQ - YouTube

01-27-2013, 12:45 PM
Good videos, David.

01-28-2013, 12:36 PM
Thanks David, I learned some things. :grin:

01-28-2013, 12:46 PM
Thanks David, I learned some things. :grin:

I did too! I've always heard to inject with the grain, but if the man who makes the injection says to inject against the grain, that's what I'll do.