View Full Version : Call for cookers: High on the Hog Beaufort, SC

01-07-2013, 12:02 PM
Let me begin by saying I have no affiliation to this event, other than as a previous competitor.

The 2nd annual High on the Hog BBQ cookoff in Beaufort, SC takes place in Beaufort, SC on June 7-8. http://highonthehogbeaufort.com/

This is a South Carolina BBQ Association sanctioned event, meaning there's only 2 categories: Pork Butt and Spare ribs. All meat is provided by the competition, and there is no garnish allowed in the boxes.

I competed in this event last year and it was amazingly well run for a 1st year event. Power, water, breakfast, and porta potties were all provided. Plus, the location was amazingly beautiful. The image is the view from our cooksite.

Here's the clincher. Last year they only had 14 teams sign up, so the organizer lost money on the payouts. This year he's only paying out first place, GC, and RGC unless he can get 25 teams to sign up, in which case he'll pay out to 5th place.