View Full Version : Vertical Cabinet Smoker Designed for UK and Canada, Same as Chubby or Baby smoker

11-19-2012, 08:34 PM
As I am in China. Most economic shipping method is sea and land mail via China Post Group door to door for retail order.
American post has the maximum limit of packing box 37x53x28Cm or 14.5"x21"x11".
Canada and UK posts have the maximum limit of packing box 60x60x60cm or 24"x24"x24". Then I can send smoker same class as Backwoods Chubby and Stumps Baby.

Above pictures are for your reference. New design has better door and latch.

Size of grill 40X40cm, or 16"x16", 3 grills, each grill 13 cm or 5" apart
FULLY Made from Stainless Steel, Inner wall 1.5 mm, out wall 1 mm.
5 cm heat insulator

Price of the smoker $400
Surface Mail cost US$200
Free Mechanical Thermostat, Fan, and AC/DC adapter. Fan speed can be tuned stepless manually
Or Digital Controller DOG $99, or WOLF $128

My brother lives in Toronto. He speaks a little English.
If you have any doubt, I can send the smoker to my brother, You can pick up from Toronto.

11-19-2012, 08:50 PM
Also I can design the smoker in 2 sections, something like Weber Smoke Mountain.
Upper section has 4 grills, price $180, Mail cost $80.
This way total price is $1060. Total grill size is 16"x16"x7=1792" square.