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11-19-2012, 06:40 AM
Cold Smoke Generator is made from Stainless Steel pipes and can burn wood chips, pellet, branches, and SAW DUST Principle:Inner perforated cylinder is fuel bin of wood pellet, chips, branches, and saw dust. Fuel is lighted on top by a few pieces of hot red charcoal. Air is blown from lower air intake, which passes through circle space between outer and inner cylinders. Also the fresh air enters inner cylinder through holes to burn the fuel. Hot smoke air will rise up and mixe with fresh air. This way smoke temperature is lowered. Fan speed can be tuned stepless by tune AC/DC adapter.

Most popular is Type II: Dia.89X400 mm or Dia.3.5"x16" inches Fuel Capacity 1.25 Litres Ex-works US$80 Air and Land (SAL) mail US$60
I sold less than 5 pieces per month on eBay.
Smokey Daddy sold some 30 pieces per month on eBay.

But I do got positive feedback on eBay.

What is wrong with me

Copied from my eBay score:

High quality, works great Buyer: kbarrottrr ( 0 ) Nov-16-12 10:27

Thanks. Good Product. Will do business in the future! Buyer: antoshaseryukov ( 39) Nov-13-12 04:26

this is a quality item It produced great cold smoked salmon.I am very pleased Buyer: edwy4987 ( 2 ) Oct-04-12 08:35

great item as described, works great Buyer: lisapeter25 ( 49) Sep-06-12 03:53

a1 Buyer: dave-1958 ( 493) Jun-26-12 03:45

Thanks wang,,Best ebayer I ever dealt with great person, great Communication Buyer: hercs123 ( 140) May-23-12 23:16
Nice unit, works well. Buyer: ken170ds ( 275) May-16-12 22:57

great deal, thanks very much A1 seller! Buyer: smellydog5 ( 539) May-03-12 06:57

Well made item that worked well with after a little adjustment, received quickly Buyer: twowheelshappy ( 857)
Mar-14-12 00:48

item as described..thanks Buyer: balthazar14 ( 201) Feb-19-12 16:17

God dilivery Buyer: maak67 ( 10) Jan-18-12 10:36

all received in good order, all good, thanks Buyer: schoosi60 ( 297) Jan-07-12 01:40

Pitmaster T
11-19-2012, 08:44 AM
Getting positive feedback anywhere is a difficult prospect. I was involved in a study in the late 1980's and early 1990's in which people were found and polled as far as their overall satisfaction versus those who sought to tell the company their feelings.

There were a few groups.

Those that received their product and had no problems with it or the service
Those that received the product and it did not work for them AS THEY ENVISIONED (meaning it was not defective) and had poor customer service.
And two other groups in which there were those that received a product and it worked then malfunctioned and either was or was not replaced or fixed with either poor or good customer service.
Those that received ****ed up products were polled too.

The MOST apathetic group as far as the customer electing to let the company know how they felt was the group in which the product worked as they envisioned and no service problems arose. When they were polled they were happy...they just didn't contact the company or fill out a comment card. The reason why, so the study claimed was, they were owned a product that worked as they envisioned and the payment to the actual company evened the score.

The MOST satisfied group that took an initiative to contact the company to tell them what they thought of the product were the ones where there was some problem and a person bonded with them from the company and fixed the problem.

This should be you because you are always helping people on here when they get your product and they have minor difficulties setting it up. You should have high marks.

The conclusion of the study was that a service problem was an opportunity to establish a relationship with the customer and secure a future buying opportunity.

The other thing is this. For the most part Americans, even thought they buy scores of product that are internationally produced, do not like to wait for it. They have to wait for yours and then there is that weird feeling that since they are dealing with someone in a another country, well.... that person is more likely to just give up dealing with them.

Your product seems to work well but I have to admit, there seems to be some issue (not due to workmanship) initially with its ease of operation. This is based on what I read here and not being an owner of the product. HOWEVER!!!!! You seem to be there for the customer, so that should account for something.

I have a theory and sure, I know you are going to probably say I don't have your product so how can I know... but I am also an EBAY buyer so bare with me.

Almost all of us ebay buyers have received a product and suspected it was cheap but gave pos feedback anyway, only to have the product fail and not be able to work it out with the company. Case in point, I bought some small pneumatic tires that looked just like the American versions I was used to... But they were Chinese and they flattened and dry rotted within 90 days. Company would not help me. It was as if the tires were made of biodegradable material. They have 8 of my positive feedbacks on their roll. I can't change that back.

Next up, the snazzy chrome 1998 Ford Econoline door handles I bought (Chinese) which all failed... all five of them, with DAYS after installation. The steel was like potmetal. Sadly, they have my positive feedback as well.

So in the last few years many of us EBAY buyers have had a "wait and see" attitude. We realized that ebay is the perfect place for sellers that want to sell you their product and have it work until they get the positive feedback.

Your product may be a good one but it looks cheap. It may not be made cheap, it just looks cheap from what I can tell. Yes it may work, but we all get burned by products and look at the branding and see that MADE IN CHINA thing on it and suspect it will break.

But we also have suspicions of our own products and at times see Japanese and even Korean Autos as superior in fit and finish so it works both way. Of course, had it not been for Nader the Corvair would have prevailed and never ushered in the need for foreign made compact cars to which we have never recovered but that is another story.

I stopped giving positive feedback about the time sellers started saying they were not going to give me positive feedback until they got theirs. This is stupid... as my money is the only responsibility I have and they don't ship until they get the money....so I have lived up to my end of the bargain before I get it. The seller's end of the deal is MUCH more complex.

Your positive feedback deficit is due to many issues you cannot control and I am not sure making a slicker product will fix it. At least you establish good relationships with your customers.

I am considering myself how I am going to handle the sale of my rub on ebay if at all. I think you should make your own website with an ebay redirect.