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Hawg Father of Seoul
10-28-2012, 10:01 AM
Could some one please give me a quick run down of how this works? All the judging part and what size/kind/type of sample that you will hand out.

Sorry for the newbie question. We are trying to add a few events that will help pay the meat bill. :icon_bigsmil

10-28-2012, 10:41 AM
Every event is different
There are no set rules

10-28-2012, 10:42 AM
Out here, the promoter typically tells us how much meat per sample they want handed out. It's usually a 2oz sample cup. The cup is fine for pork but is a pain for everything else so I just try to stay within that 2oz range for the other meats and use little boats. I only sample out my comp meats (150 samples) and dont cook extra but its a capacity issue. Some guys make a killing on PC here.
Just make sure you follow any and all Health Dept requirements because you dont want to go to all the effort and get shut down.

10-28-2012, 11:01 AM
I know the others here can give you more insight than I can but we do a People's Choice contest at our cook off each year and it has gone over very well for both the cookers and the public. First and formost, make sure it is a blind judged contest. Don't have the public go to the cook sites to taste the samples. The home town cookers will have the advanage and the other cookers won't be happy. Second, provide the cookers with the meat for the contest so everyone starts out with the same meat. We give all the cookers pork butt at our People's Choice contest. We provide the pan for the cookers to put their entry in and we have numbers for each pan. When they bring us their entry we switch the number to a letter and thereby making it a blind judged event so no one knows whose sample they are trying. Third, make sure the turn in for the People's Choice does not interfere with the turn ins for the sanctioned event. We have our turn in for the People's Choice at 11 AM, an hour before the first turn in for the KCBS event, (chicken). We provide 5 samples for $5. They are put in 4 oz. cup, ( I think its 4 oz. I would have to check on that but its somewhere around that size). The sample cups are labeled with the letter and are all mixed up so no one knows whose meat they are tasting.They also get a fork, and a ticket. We have a board set up with containers to put the tickets in labeled A through Z and then AA through ?? whatever the number of cookers who have entered the contest. ( If 30 cookers have entered its A through DD) If the public wants to try more than the 5 samples they come through the line again and we start over. We put the samples on a plate for ease of handling and mix up the cups so each cookers entry is tried about the same amount of times. For example a person might come through the line and get samples A, D, M, S, BB. The next person might get C, K, Q, T, Z. I hope this helps a little. Our system might not be perfect but it has worked for us so far without any complaints.