View Full Version : Digital Power Draft Controller of DOG, new promotional offer

10-27-2012, 02:44 AM
BBQ power draft controller of DOG, same as Auber, but BIGGER, and PID Variable
Voltage output vs SSR of simply on-off output.
Brief operational manual at http://www.allchinas.com/probe/dog.htm

Promotional offer, DOG, 10 CFM FAN, FAN Adapter A or C, AC/DC adapter 12 VDC 5 amps

Stage I. 10 sets at US$58. 9 sets are sold. One set is still available
Stage II, 20 sets at US$68
Stage III, 30 sets at US$78
Stage IV, 40 sets at US$88
Stage V, normal price at US$98

By accepting promotional price, the buyer must post testimonials in 3 different BBQ forums. Good or bad, we need you to post real result.

We will offer 20 pieces of FREE wireless thermometer or 2 OZ stainless steel brine injector to the posters of most followups