View Full Version : Roll Call. Inside 30 days. Hog Happnin', Shelby, NC, November 2 & 3

10-19-2012, 11:23 AM
I didn't see another thread for this contest. Looks like they've had several teams signup this week - website currently lists 41. I hear this is a great contests, and fortunately looks like I'll be there judging. Any others planning on going?

10-19-2012, 11:26 AM
I'm in. Second ever contest and i've also read good things about this one.

10-19-2012, 10:55 PM
We'll be there too but fyi, they are moving the event due to the e-coli outbreak that happened at the fairgrounds a couple of weeks ago. no location determined for the event as of yet.


10-20-2012, 05:14 AM
Haven't signed up yet, but will be next week. See ya there.

10-20-2012, 10:16 AM
Trying to work it out and hope to be there.

10-20-2012, 10:57 AM
Crap, I don't live that far from Shelby and I hadn't heard about the E. Coli outbreak, but it's a great contest. Hopefully they will get another site secured before Nov and continue this event. I probably won't get to cook this one, but I may get to come over on Saturday and visit. Good luck to everyone that enters!

10-20-2012, 12:58 PM
I'll be there judging as well. Didn't hear about the outbreak!!