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10-14-2012, 03:12 PM
Disney World--Old Key West--Olivia's Restaurant. 10/22-10/24


For the record, I do not like DW.
But Mrs Kapn loves it and we own a big bunch of Disney Vacation Club time there.
What she "loves", I will support. Simple.

A couple of weeks ago, I asked her if she wanted to go out to dinner.
"Where?" she asked. "Olivia's" I said.
After I picked her up off the floor :grin:, she got on the phone and started "pulling strings" with her ladies at DVC to get a room in the only part of Old Key West I would agree to. Location thing.
Today, they confirmed that they have us in "My" room.

Travel Monday 10/22 with a light lunch at Olivia's and dinner at Joe's Crab Shack that PM.
Tuesday--breakfast at Olivia's. lay around all day, and dinner at Olivia's.
Probably consume a boatload of Bloody Marys by the pool area.
Wednesday--head home with breakfast at MIMI's off the 429 toll road.
No stress couple of days! :grin:

Olivia's is one of the very few, if not the only, higher end restaurants I love.
Simple and focused menu. Quality food presented well. Don't know how to describe it, but everything is "fresh and bright" and cooked to perfection. Price is as close to reasonable as you will find at a restaurant of that caliber, especially in a resort area.
I have talked to him and the Chef obviously takes great pride in the product.
Food is not cooked off-site--he is in total control of the restaurant.

Y'all have a great time here while we are gone. :grin:


ps--Mr and Mrs Jorge--y'all busy?? :grin:

10-14-2012, 04:37 PM
A man with a plan. Gotta love it, have a great time!

10-14-2012, 10:58 PM
Enjoy it for us Tim. It's on our list for the next trip.

10-15-2012, 07:55 AM
Enjoy it for us Tim. It's on our list for the next trip.

If'in I can remember, through the Bloody Marys :oops:, I may take a pic for you. :grin:

Least I can do for a friend.


10-17-2012, 06:35 PM
Sounds wonderful Tim!


10-24-2012, 04:24 PM
We're back!
Went almost 100% according to plan.

Let me bore you with some pics.

Arrived Mon and did Joe's Crab Shack.
We took two buckets of Lobster, Crabs, Mussels, Shrimp, Corn, Potatoes, and "who knows what else":


And turned them into one bucket of scraps. :wink:


On Tuesday Morning, breakfast at Olivia's:
This is where the only "glitch" happened.
Mrs Kapn and her family are "Grits Snobs" and Olivia's grits have always been something special to them. They always order extra because they are some kinda creamy and flavorful! (not my thing, but...) :redface:
The grits were dry and flavorless and she actually sent them back.
Chef said sorry and tried to fix them, but to no avail. But, he tried.

My meal was something I would never cook at home. Basically Eggs Benedict on a potato hash instead of an English Muffin.
Incredibly tasty!


We took a long boat ride (over an hour) over to "Boatwrights" at Port Orleans.

Never been there before and we intended to get a light lunch to "check it out". Turned out that they were "dinner only"--OH WELL :cry:
It was very impressive and we may go there in the futiure'

Took the long boat ride back.
Really pretty and relaxing trip even with the disappointing results on the eating part!

SO----For lunch, I went with a basic "fruit and veggies" 3 course meal: :wink:




Twas good eats and "entertaining".

For dinner, Russ (rksylves here) came over to join us for dinner at Olivia's.
Olivia's "leads" with a coconut flavored bread that is hard to describe, but I could make a meal of it!!


Appetizer was "conch fritters".
Never had them before. Light, airy, and not over breaded or "greasy". Good taste of the conch with a superb dipping sauce. We felt like we were in a tropical island :clap2:

Russ and Mrs Kapn had the Pork Chop and raved over it:


I went with the Sea Scallops.
All I can say, is "This is why I love Olivia's"!


These are on my "Cooking Bucket List" and this plate just made me more determined to perfect them!

For dessert, Mrs Kapn and Russ shared this:
I was "stuffed" and deferred to them :redface:

On the way home, we have a "tradition" of stopping at Mimi's on the 429 about 30-45 minutes "down the road" for breakfast. Not my favorite place in the whole wide world, but...
Mrs Kapn loves the huge muffins and takes them home!
I do like the omelets because they have GREAT flavor! And, that sourdough toast is really, really good!!


That's it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs Kapn is booking "MY ROOM" at Old Key West for this time next year so we can do this again.
Just her and I (with Russ as a dinner guest) with no "parks", no rush, no relatives, and no pressure.
Just enjoying life while we can!!!


10-25-2012, 12:27 PM
Tim wasn't exagerating. It really was that good.

Many thanks again Tim and Mrs. Kap'n for inviting me over and the great conversations. Really good to see you both again.


10-28-2012, 07:04 AM
One of our "cheap" vacation things is to stop in at Disney and ride the boats or the monorail or even the bus to one or more of the hotels and just look around or sit and read in the lobby. We may have to try Olivia's sometime. We tried to get lunch at the Boatwright once too. Glad that you had a good time.

10-28-2012, 02:00 PM
One of our "cheap" vacation things is to stop in at Disney and ride the boats or the monorail or even the bus to one or more of the hotels and just look around or sit and read in the lobby. We may have to try Olivia's sometime. We tried to get lunch at the Boatwright once too. Glad that you had a good time.

You have highlighted one of the very few things I give DW full credit for-"ambiance".:clap2:
Go to Old Key West and you are in the Keys.
Go to the Polynesian and you are in the South Pacific.
Go to the Coronado and you are in that ancient era.
Go to Port Orleans and you are close to Bourbon Street.
Go to the "All Stars" and you are in a mass of children (inside joke there folks :wink:).
Go to the Wilderness Lodge and you are in a rustic time in history.

I assume that you know you can park for free at the Market Place and have full access to all the transportation system from there.
We like to just ride the boats around from there, and over by Magic Kingdom--pretty environment and very relaxing.
Fun to watch the "people" :laugh:

As to Olivia's and the similar resort restaurants, the breakfast and lunch menus are more "value/reasonably priced" than dinner service.
That breakfast pic above cost me only a buck or two more than a meal at Waffle House and about the same as Cracker Barrel (both of which I like a whole lot for what they are).
But, it was unique and so well done I am ready for more.

Glad you enjoy your time there.