View Full Version : Vertical Cabinet Smoker, Double Walls with 2" Fiber Glass

10-03-2012, 09:35 AM
All you may know my gravity feed burner. It works.
All you may know my digital BBQ power draft controllers.

I built this cabinet smoker, double walls of stainless steel and 2" fiber glass
Water pan.
Grill size 16"x16" X 3 pieces. each grill is 4" apart.
Ex-works Beijing US$400
Surface mail to UK and Canada is US$200
Digital BBQ controller at extra cost.

This smoker was used 4 times for demonstration purpose.
Special price US$200,
Digital controller od DOG US$99,
Surface mail US$200
total US$499
Usually it takes 8 to 10 weeks to reach Canada or UK.

Based on the success of this smoker, burner, and digital controller, I am going to make above smoker.

1.Reverse Flow Burner
2.Reverse Flow Cabinet Smoker
3.With 2" Fiber Glass
4.Grill size 24"x20"x 4 pieces, each grill is 5" apart
5.Fix water pan
6.made from stainless steel Gauge 14 (2mm) and Gauge 16 (1.5mm)
Ex-works Beijing US$1500
Controller of WOLF US$99
Sea Freight to Los Angeles US$600
total CIF US$2199

Delivery time: I need 4 weeks to make. Then 2 weeks inland shipment and waiting for ship. It takes 3 to 4 weeks from China to Los Angeles.
So you can expect to pick up at Los Angeles port in 10 weeks

This is about US$1500 cheaper than FEC100.
Grill size is bigger.
Thicker SS plates.

Please compare by yourself with Backwoods Stumps Vikiing ect.