View Full Version : Best BBQ in Las Vegas & Portland, OR?

09-25-2012, 04:00 AM
I'm flying across the pond to Las Vegas on Sunday, if possible I'd like to get to the best BBQ spot, any reccommendations?

After Vegas I spend a week in Portland, OR, so same question, where should an enthusiastic Brethren go to eat BBQ?

Also, are there any BBQ shops you can pint me to? I've ordered some rubs etc from Simply Marvelous and they are already waiting for me in Portland but I'd like to see what else is available - there's not too many US BBQ products around in the UK so I want tostock up, mainly on rubs due to the weight.

Cast Iron Chef
09-25-2012, 03:51 PM
Not much in Vegas except my house :razz:. I hear Luciles in Green Valley ranch is pretty good. Memphis Champion BBQ is pretty good. Pitmaster is Steve from Sin City Smokers. May want to check out Bass Pro Shops by the Silverton. They carry a lot of rubs and sauces including Plowboys.

09-25-2012, 04:43 PM
I've heard good things about the food at Russell Street BBQ in Portland, although the service may not be so great. My brother (who lives in Portland) gives Clay's Smoke House on Division and Tenessee Red's on SE 11th high marks. There was a place - Big Lou's - across the river in Camas, Washington, that was great, but I guess it closed. :(
I got nothin' for Vegas. Sorry.

10-03-2012, 03:00 PM
Slabtown is good in nw...ribs and brisket Clays is in be is good husband and wife show. Podnah's Pit is probably the best in north PDX.

10-03-2012, 05:28 PM
I have tried 4 of the main 5 places in Portland, Russell Street was not bad at all. It was good enough that I ate all I could. The others did not thrill me. To my limited experience rampaging through Portland this year, they do American beer food best, the best work with fried potatoes, American craft charcueterie, some great burgers and brunch. BBQ is not the thing.

10-15-2012, 08:41 AM
Thanks for the input, but owing to time constraints imposed by Mrs Clayfish's shopping itinerary (making the most of the $-£ exchange rate and Oregon's lack of sales tax) out of all the options I only made it to Podnah's Pit. I highly recommend it, I thought it was lovely stuff* and would definitely go there again if the opportunity arose.

Here's what they call 'The Pitboss' - Brisket, Pulled Pork, Ribs and Hot Links with two sides.


*Disclaimer: I was brought up in NZ and live in the UK - apart from my own efforts I have only had commercial BBQ from a couple of outlets in the UK so my opinion may not match yours!