View Full Version : Went to RD today

08-25-2012, 07:07 PM
We went to the RD in Alexandria, VA. It took 20 seconds to get my day pass with my KCBS card. There was no date on the pass and the cashier gave it back to me when we checked out.

First, wear a parka! The cold section is COLD! We picked up a beautiful 16 lb packer brisket for $2.60/lb. The BB ribs didn't wow me and were actually $0.20/lb more than Sam's IPBs for a case. They had lots of bone-in butts, but again they were a few cents more than Sams's.

I picked up a roll of heavy duty foil, 18"x500ft. When we went to Sam's later the same exact roll was $0.76 cheaper. I did pick up a case of jalapenos for $19 that yielded 432 whole peppers.

I did see some items that I would go back for like foil pans for comp, and veggies for when I have a crawfish boil.

Honestly, I'm not sure it is worth the 45 minute drive; except that is the best brisket I have seen in a long time.

08-25-2012, 07:40 PM
Sounds like much hasn't change since we went there about 9 months ago in their old location. A lot of stuff for small business and catering, etc....

But, I agree in that we don't really have much choice here in the Northern VA area. I did get a brisket from Hemp Meat Market in Jefferson, MD a while back. I think it weighed 100lbs?!?! It was HUGE!! And that was the smallest they had that day. But, I gotta say it turned out nice, tasty and moist. Decent marbling and nice fat cap. At $3.76lb, I'll go broke cooking those.

Do NOT try the briskest at Wal-Mart in Sterling!! My gosh, I have tried those maybe 5 times, and every time they were the most lean, driest, toughest piece of meat I have cooked. As many briskest as I have cooked, sure hope it is not me or else everyone can count on me NOT being a threat in a competition.

Let me know if you ever find a decent place closer then RD. From the Prurcellville area, it's a real hike.