View Full Version : Version V2/V3 Gold Lion exchange/refund?

Triple T BBQ
08-21-2012, 04:31 PM
WPS its been months since you promised the owners of V1/V2 either refunds or upgrades to the units we all purchased from you. You asked us to wait while you figured out all the issues with the wireless, and graphing issues.

We waited and gave you time.

You then wanted screen shots of our lion units since you never kept any records apparently on who you shipped what unit.

We shipped you the photos and then heard nothing back.

So I ask again as politely as I can after putting up with a unit that has locked up repeately on long cooks, and has never been stable with the wireless networks I have attempted to connect it to.

"What are you going to do to either refund my money or ship me at your expense a replacement unit with the version 4 software?"

Original Thread: http://www.bbq-brethren.com/forum/showthread.php?t=132600

BTW we never got a PM or email from you other than a PM that you sent to several people advertising that you had a version 4 online for viewing. No replies to our repeated requests for refunds or exchanges.

08-21-2012, 07:08 PM
It has nothing to do with V3.
V3 is exactly what I advertised
But if your V3 has technical problem, please send back and I will send you a V4 at no extra cost.
For buyer of V1 and V2, please send back for full refund, or for exchange of V4. or you keep it and ask for partial refund of your price deducting $99.

Triple T BBQ
08-22-2012, 08:09 AM
Show me a screen shot of a version 2 vs. V3 so we know what we are dealing with here.

08-22-2012, 10:54 AM
If you can monitor and CONTROL from remote, then you have V3.
If you you change settings of temperature, option of Auto or Manual, option of C or F in your computer, it is V3.