View Full Version : Most Affordable BBQ Power Draft Controller, mechanical thermostat

08-20-2012, 11:50 PM
Most Affordable BBQ Power Draft Controller consists of a mechanical thermostat, fan, and an AC/DC adapter with stepless voltage output. You can tune speed of fan manually depending on size and target temperature of your smoker/grill. Mechanical thermostat is effected by wind, sunshine, shade ect. You may need to hand tune the thermostat a few times. It will save you big time when ligthing charcoal or adding fuels

Package with fan adapter A
Cut a square hole on your air inlet
Fan Adapter A is easily mounted

Package price US$30
SAL mail cost US$10

Package with adapter B
The female coupling can be weld on air inlet
Package price US$30
SAL mail cost US$10

Package with adapter C
For Weber series
Package price US$40
SAL mail cost US$15