View Full Version : MOST BUDGET controllers to be developed, comments wanted

08-15-2012, 08:44 PM
Find some smokers are very cheaper, the smoker is even cheaper than my WOLF package. SO I am thinking whether I need to develop BUDGET controller or not.

#1.Mechanical thermostat, 10 CFM FAN, Fan Adapter A or C, AC/DC adapter with stepless voltage adjustment.
Mechanical thermostat will turn fan on or off.
You can adjust fan speed manually for different size of smoker or temperature.
Mechanical thermostat is effected by environmental conditions, you may tune a few times.
Total price including SAL mail cost US$40.

#2. digital thermostat, one probe, PID output, 10 CFM FAN, Fan Adapter A or C, AC/DC adapter,
Total price including SAL mail cost US$80.
The same Auber package shall be around US$140.

Before I really develop these two systems, I would like to hear your comments

08-24-2012, 08:53 AM
I like both ideas. I feel most people would appreciate the balance of simplicity, value and ease of both thee with #2 being the best. I know I would. Make the pit probe with a alligator clip on the end so it can be clipped to a grate. or at least a clip than can slide over the probe.