View Full Version : Anybody do Beer, Bourbon, BBQ in Cary, NC?

Pole D
08-06-2012, 02:13 PM
We competed in this event this past weekend and I'm not so sure we will do it again next year. It was sanctioned by the NCBS and all fuel was a go except electric. The event just did not seem very well organized. Now I'm saying that having come off of the Apex Pig City Pig Fest which was very well organized. Some of the issues we had:

Teams were allowed to setup at 4pm on Friday however there were no trash cans or recycling bins until approximately 10:30am Saturday.
Turn in boxes were handed out Saturday morning but they were clam shells that had dividers in them!
The official time clock was a cheap non-digital clock which had a different time form everyone's cell phone.and we where told the window to turn in our boxes was +/-1min.
No "hot coal" cans.
Found out that the judges knew who's bbq they were tasting. I'm not saying anything funny happened but why even put that into play?
Still don't have scores. They are supposed to be emailed to us.

There were good points and its only fair to point those out:

All of the teams around us were friendly and easy to get along with.
The actual beer bourbon part of the event was great.
There were enough generators for all the teams.
There were two sinks which was enough for the 15 teams that competed.
We received 3 parking spaces worth of room.
They had overnight security so we could use the restrooms inside the amphitheater.

Anybody else do it? If so what were your thoughts. Or has anybody else cooked in a NCBS event? Is this generally the way they go?

08-06-2012, 06:39 PM
I saw some posts on facebook from a couple of other teams at this event and it sounded like it was a cluster. Not sure if that is how NCBS events are normally though....

Pole D
08-06-2012, 07:54 PM
Yeah I'm not sure either. It was our first NCBS event and it may be our last.